About Us

CRMC, the property management company, has enjoyed over 30 years of success . CRMC manages residential and commercial properties throughout the Northeast. Our company has built a strong, respected position in the property management field, and serve a variety of clients including individual investors, partnerships, banks, and corporations. To achieve our higher level of services we have developed a team of experienced management specialists. Our staff is certified in many aspects of our management operations. We have experienced Property Inspectors, Fiscal Specialists who also are Certified Occupancy Specialists, (COS) as well as Site Managers who have a COS and Accredited Residential Managers (ARM) and Certified Public Accountant.

Our Services

  • On Site Management
      - Physical and financial
      - Effective income and
        expense management
  • Satisfying Investor Needs
      - Control over investment
      - Maximum return on
      - Minimize physical and
        financial risk
  • Modern technology with a nuts and bolts approach
      - Communication
      - Investment consulting


Patrick F. Christopher, President

Mr. Christopher is a Certified Property Manager (CPM® from the Institute of Real Estate Management; affiliate of National Association of Realtors), and Licensed Real Estate Broker. Mr. Christopher has been President of CRMC since 1980.

Mr. Christopher is a member of the:

  • Institute of Real Estate Management
  • Western Chapter Institute of Real Estate Management
  • Syracuse Board of Realtors

Ernest J. Hayfield CPA, Vice President - Finance

Mr. Hayfield has been with the Condren Group since 1969 specializing in accounting and tax areas. Before joining Condren Realty Management Corporation, Mr. Hayfield was a senior accountant at Price Waterhouse & Co. working as an auditor in the Small Business Department.